My name is Barbara.
I'm a Junior Front-End Developer.

Right now my main professional goal is to find a job
that will give me an opportunity to deepen and improve my programming skills.

My name is Barbara Nowak and I’m a Junior Front-End Developer. I have studied Chinese philology at the University of Warsaw and now I have successfully transferred my passion for foreign languages to programming languages.

Now I wish to fully devote myself to a Front-End Developer job.

My main professional goal is to find a job that will give me an opportunity to deepen and improve previously acquired programming skills, engage in interesting and creative projects and raise my Front-End development qualifications. Mainly I want to focus on learning JavaScript. Also, I put a lot of work to write a clear and semantically correct code.

I work with technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, Gulp, Github, Photoshop on a daily basis. I'm also familliar with RWD, PHP and Wordpress.

In my spare time I travel (I want to set foot on every continent before I'm 30 years old), read books and comics, play video games, watch sci-fi movies and search for new-technology news.


Fully responsive website for Sezonownik.
HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery), RWD.


Animated, pixel-style portfolio. Graphics also made by me.
Made using HTML, CSS (Sass), jQuery, Photoshop.


Fully responsive website made using HTML, CSS (Sass) and jQuery.
Work in progress.


The first website I ever made. That time I don't even heard about RWD. Very simple page made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



You can write me a message or find me on socialmedia

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych zgodnie z ustawą o ochronie danych osobowych w związku z wysyłaniem zapytania przez formularz kontaktowy. Podanie danych jest dobrowolne, ale niezbędne do przetworzenia zapytania. Zostałem poinformowany, że przysługuje mi prawo do dostępu do swoich danych, możliwości ich poprawiania, żądania zaprzestania ich przetwarzania. Administratorem danych osobowych jest nvk.skills Barbara Nowak.